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Information for New Students

The best way to learn Ashtanga Yoga is to commit to attending the Mysore classes a minimum 6 days a week for a month. No prior yoga experience is needed. Complete beginners are most welcome. If you are curious to get started, join us for a FREE TRIAL CLASS. Whatsapp us on +91 96420 31113 to book this class.

Beginner students can also consider an ‘Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga’ course that we run every month.
Course start date is the 1st of every month.


    • Enter the room mindfully, opening and closing the door quietly
    • Please wait to enter if you arrive during the opening chant (7am)
    • Fill the room from the front, placing your mat in line with others.
    • For led classes, arrive 15 mins before the class start time
    • The shala is a mobile free zone. Mobiles are permitted only to be used as timers and should be kept on silent. Wait until you leave the room before checking messages
    • Please shower before practice and limit the use of heavy fragrances
    • Bring your own mat, rug, and a small hand towel (for assistants to use during adjustments)
    • Ensure the space around your mat is sweat-free when you leave
    • You are responsible for keeping your mat clean. Take it home regularly for thorough cleaning