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Class Schedule

No asana practice on full moon and new moon days.
(Mysore style classes are one-on-one classes in a group setting. However, instructions are given individually which help build a personal practice (sadhana) that is unique to every student. All students can move at their own individual pace. This makes it easy for new students, as well as those who have been practising for a while. Led classes are practised by the students together to traditional Sanskrit count.)


Monday to Friday
(Mysore style/self-led class)
Saturday (led class)




8000/- per month.
Two scholarship positions are retained every month for students who need monetary assistance

Class venue

Plot 780, Road 44, Jubilee Hills. (Please call ahead of paying a visit to the venue)


Special notes

  • New students are requested to practise for a minimum of 1 month at the shala.

  • We encourage new students to enrol for class between the 1st and 3rd of a month.

  • Those with an on-going practice can join us at any time of the month.

One On One Class

Please contact personally for one-on-one classes (class size of 1 to 4 people), at a mutually agreed upon venue.

Available Slots

January 23




Monday -Wednesday-Friday

  • With limited slots available we are offering ‘One-on-one ‘ classes online and in person.
  • These classes can be conducted at the shala or at your home at a mutually agreeable time.
  • We can together find an approach and a practice that is suitable for you.
  • The classes are suitable for beginners to help them build a self practice that is stable, sustainable,well informed and can be continued on their own after 1-3 months of practice.


  • For experienced practitioners – guidance and motivation for daily practice.Asana cues and theory.
  • Fee-INR 78,000 / month(6 days a week.Holidays on Moon days)
  • Fee-INR 39,000/ month(3 days a week.Holidays on Moon days)

Mysore/Group class

  • Learn Ashtanga Yoga as taught traditionally in Mysore in a small group.
  • Instructions are given individually even though we will be practicing in a group.
  • The goal of these classes is to cultivate a self practice.